We now have our second floor back!I’m sure all our Martial Arts Fitness Myaree students and parents have been waiting patiently, wondering what has happened since we uprooted all our mats on our “stretching area/second floor.

Well, we have bought some new mats, and some new furniture for everyone. We now have half the floor with brand new mats, which has been used for stretching, practice, playing and even classes! The other half of the floor is our “chill out” zone. We have some comfy couches which our martial arts fitness instructors have been using for their lunch breaks, parents have been studying on them, and kids have even been caught napping! We have a little library which has been very popular with the kids, when waiting for class, or waiting to be picked up. We are still growing our collection of books and will continue to add things to the area as we go!  Stay tuned.

Hungry after class?
As you have probably noticed, we now have a fridge to hold some snacks and a big variety of drinks. It’s hard to tell what’s more popular right now, our kombucha, the hemp super juice or our smartie cookies!
Every Tuesday our fridge will be stocked up with new and exciting flavours of muffins, cookies and juices! As time goes on, we will be looking at adding new things.
Our self-serve hot drink station is also up and running now! How does this work, you ask? Simple! Buy a coffee cup from us (or bring your own! Even better!) head to our self-serve coffee machine and follow the instructions for your coffee! For teas and other hot drinks, same deal, just boil the kettle and help yourself!

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