The Journey or the Destination

Which is more important, the journey or the destination?

It’s a question that deserves some reflection. When you look to make life changes, set goals, or start something new it can be easy to focus on the result,where you want to be, what you want to haveand get frustrated with the time it takes to get there,especially when a setback is encountered.

The value is not in reaching the goal but in the journey to get there, it is in the journey where we learn,grow,and evolve. There are certain steps that you will encounter whenever you undertake a new challenge.Knowing the steps means that you can look out for them and be prepared, giving you the best chance for success and enjoyment of the learning journey.

Step 1. Unconscious Incompetence – You have made the decision to start something new or have set a new goal. At this stage you feel optimism, excitement, and a bit nervous. To succeed at this step,it is important to act.

Step 2. Conscious Incompetence – Reality hits, you realizewhere you are and how far you have ahead of you.This step is all about learning, change and growth. This is where you will need to push yourself and step outside your comfort zone.It is common to feel frustration and impatience at this point. To successfully move to the next step,find someone to help you, a coach, teacher, or mentor, someone who can help you along the way.

Step 3. Conscious Competence – You can do it when you concentrate on it and think it through. Now it is all about repetition and focused practice, the aim is not to be perfect but aboutprogression,to continue to grow your understanding and ability. Endurance and perseverance are key to success at this stage. You do not need as much supporton step 3, but it can be beneficial to check in and get regular feedback on how you are progressing and where you can adjust.

Step 4. Unconscious Competence – You now have mastery; it becomes second nature and just a thing you do, part of you. You might even forget how much work you put into reaching this point. Now is a perfect time to go back and help someone else.

Learning to enjoy this journey and the steps that you will encounter will take patience and the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Of course, there will be times where you may lose your patience, but it is important to be able to getit back as quickly as possible. Here are 4 things you can practice to help you stay patient and enjoy the journey

  • Be in the present moment without judging yourself or others
  • Be honest with yourself, how much progress you have made to get to where you are
  • Embrace being uncomfortable and asking for help
  • Have fun and be playful

The feeling of accomplishing your goals or learning new skills is awesome and something we should all look to feel, however most of our time will be spent on the journey to get there. Ensuring that we enjoy that time and get the most out of it can be more important than what we gain at the end of it.

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