Get 2 FREE Weeks of Life-Changing, Group Fitness Classes In Our Custom-Built Facility In Perth. COMPLETELY FREE! ($249 Value!)

“I can’t believe the difference.” Our amazing Group Fitness program gets you Fitter, faster and stronger” Discover why we are still seeing results in our classes after 2 years of training!

Highly Qualified coaches!

Our program has been created by university qualified coaches with years of experience in elite athlete strength and conditioning coaching.

We have bought in the best coaching principles from the highest level of athletic performance programs and made it available for the public.

Results you can see and feel!

Our members results speak for themselves, the hard work, consistency, and testing is what keeps bringing them back! 2 years in and we are still seeing amazing results

An Incredibly Friendly, Supportive Community.

People come to us for the results, and stay for the community here in Joondalup.

You’ll make friends, cheer each other on, form bonds, and have a ton of fun as a result.We focus. We work hard. But smiles and laughter are a big part of how we do things, too.

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2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes($249 Value)
No Joining Fee($59 Value)
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