Predator Fight Team

The Predator fight team is back!

After a short time off due to COVID, the martial arts fitness team has reassembled and training is back in full swing. This year we’ve had strong representation at our interclub sparring days, with many martial arts students choosing to step into the ring for their first experience with competitive Muay Thai.

Recently Predator Fighter Pat Tanious flew to South Australia to take part in his first sanctioned Muay Thai fight,a fight he was offered last minute, and one he agreed too on very short notice. He did a fantastic job and came home with the win.

In August Pat stepped back into the ring at Kalamunda’s ISKA fight show.He showed tremendous heart and put up a tough fight against a more experienced opponent.Unfortunately,Pat didn’t get the win, but we often learn more from our defeats than our victories and Pat learnt a lot from the experience.

Predator Fighter Dylan Roworth also competed at the Kalamunda ISKA fight show and made his debut in spectacular fashion, displaying a range techniques that allowed him to dominate his opponent. Dylan won by unanimous decision.

Be on the look out for more of our martial arts fighters stepping into the ring this upcoming October. If you are interested in joining the fight team, please speak with your martial arts classes head instructor for more information.

Muay Thai Camp

This past August saw Life. Gym host MuayThai Joondalup Camp 2021, the first event of its kind.

Over two days, 35-40 participants attended the intensive Muay ThaiJoondalup training camp. Kyoshi Graham and Q from Kalamunda kickboxing put students through multiple 3hr training sessions, these sessions emphasized “REAL” Thai training camp experiences. Students were expected to run, skip, and train as any traditional Thai Fighter would.

Students focused on traditional Muay Thai pad work, grappling and sparring. These activities can leave an athlete physically drained and its important that students understand correct ways to manage a fatigued body. A session revolving around athlete recovery was also provided and hosted by one of our Life. Gym martial arts fitness coaches Jack Whitelaw.

The conclusion of the first day of training was capped off with several fight reviews, students were able to watch and dissect some great fights. What did these fighters do well? What did they need to improve? Fight reviews are an excellent way to improve a FIGHTERS IQ, and also an enjoyable way to appreciate athletes participating at the highest levels of competition.

One of the many traditions of Muay Thai Joondalup is the Wai Kru, a physical display used to symbolize many things important to the fighter. Q from Kalamunda kickboxing has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and we were lucky enough to have him explain and demonstrate the Wai Kru. This gave those in attendance a deeper understanding of the important rituals built into the very foundations of Muay Thai Joondalup.

At the end of the weekend, participants were invited to Larrys Unique Thai Restuarant, where they were able to fill themselves with authentic thai food. It was a fantastic weekend lots of sore bodies and full bellys. We can not wait for the next one.

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