Martial Arts Has So Much To Offer

After what seemed like a lifetime of bad choices, vices, misguidance and incarceration I had a reality check in January 2018 when my brother committed suicide. I knew that if I didn’t change the path I was travelling I too would end up like my brother.With the support from my wonderful partner Cameron who seen the “fire in my belly” we got started on the transformation. I utilised the excess energy I’ve always seemed to have by running a lot at first. It was also my way of venting. If I was sad I would run longer if I was mad I would run faster. Running was my escape.

In September 2018 I began strength training in Joondalup 5 days a week. It was my new addiction, the numbers the scans the gains I was in love. But after 7 months of training I smashed my goals and was wanting more of a challenge. Cameron and I spoke about the lack of control I had in regards to my anger and emotions and coming from a martial art background Cameron suggested I find a martial arts style that I would be interested in to help me harness my anger and control my emotions.
In December 2018 I started looking around at different places and checking out different styles. Not the best time of year to try and get started as so many places where closed for the christmas period but by January 2019 I had decided I was going to do Muay Thai or FMA at WAIMA Currambine. I fell in love with Muay Thai straight away and enjoyed FMA so I decided to do both as well as Krav Maga which was an added bonus. The best decision I have ever made I only wish I made the decision earlier which I have come to learn so do many others.

My martial arts journey has only just begun 8 months ago and already I have achieved so much. I have graded to orange in both Krav and FMA and to yellow singlet in Muay Thai. I attended the WAIMA tournament competing in the touch sparring and I did my first gym show in July. Im so excited for the next gym show. I’m looking forward to the instructor development training and I’m struggling to contain my excitement for the weekend warrior camp. WAIMA always has something exciting happening but greater than any physical achievement is the internal change I have made. My internal accomplishments are way beyond any physical achievements and I could not have done it on my own.
Martial arts has so much to offer in every aspect of your life. I guess it really is a way of life.

If you would like to start your journey call 1300 0WAIMA or email and make sure you mention my name for a special deal.

Casey Russell

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