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In January 2021, my husband and I signed up for a trial with Life Gym martial arts classes. Our daughter was a member and had been so since 2019.

Adrian and I were both turning 40 this year and thought we wanted to be a better version of ourselves.

I remember having a general chat to Briana Harris. She had just taken Lillie’s class. I said I am considering a trial and everything you could think of doing wrong – I did it. I smoke, overweight, like a drink every now and then J I said do you think this is something I could do?

Briana was so encouraging and said you can absolutely do it. She said it is not going to be easy, and will take hard work, but you can do it.

One thing she said to me has sat with to this day. She said if you do a trial you do not quit. You complete it. If you do stop its showing your daughter that, it is ok to give up when the going gets tough.She was right with what she said.

I signed up for a trial.

I was so nervous my first day. In my mind, I had two goals.

  1. To get through the first class. I did not want to embarrass myself by being so unfit and not being able to complete the class.
  2. Turn up for a second class.

I completed my first class successfully and was so proud of myself. It was hard – but I did it.

I returned for the 2nd class and my sense of achievement started to kick in. My mind had changed from I hope I can do this – to I AM doing this. I completed the trial and my husband and I decided to join up.

Everyone was so encouraging and supportive. Not just the Semapai’s and Instructors but also the other students. There was no judgement – it was all encouraging, supportive and positive. Everyone wanted to help each other succeed. It’s a great atmosphere.

I started to see some weight drop, and thought this is good way to help with weight loss.

My mind set from beginning to now has changed from:

  1. To get through the first class –2. Turn up for a second class –3. This will help with weight loss –4. Weight loss is a by-product I want to be strong.

From beginning of March 2021 to now 5 July 2021, by implementing a healthier eating habits and taking on Martial Arts Classes  I have lost 11.5 kilos.

In addition to the scales I have lost

  • 16cm off my waist
  • 5cm off hips

In June, I graduated to Yellow belt. My first belt. I was so proud of myself. On the same day, my daughter graduated to Orange belt.

While the weight loss, confidence and sense of achievement is such an amazing feeling, the best thing to come out of all of this, was my daughter saying to me on graduation – I am proud of you Mummy.

We now have a family activity we do. Our daughter is higher ranked than us (and constantly reminds usJ ) She helps me on a weekend and practice together.

Taking the first step to start the trial was significant and petrifying leap for me. Completely out of my comfort zone. However, with hand on heart say it is the best decision I have made in a long time.

I do not have the hardest punch, highest or strongest kick. However, I turn up to every lesson and give it 100 % and turning up is not a chore. I love going and its fun. I am proud; I have worked hard and continue to do so.

These are not words that December 2020 ‘Nakiya’would have said!

Sempai Brad Thomas – thank you for your consistency of being there every week and your encouragement.  You have been there from the start of Adrian’s journey, and mine.

Nakiya McAllan

From the team at LIFE
McAllen Family Thank you so much for being a part of this family!
Nikiya, Adrian and Lillie are amazing students! The encouragement between the family to try their best and push each other is second to none!
Its great to see them welcome new members into their classes and always help out the people that need help rather than just sticking to themselves!
Even though there are a few injuries and challenges they don’t let that get them down or slow them down. They power through the session and work around the niggles, they always ask questions if something is not going to work so we can help them out!
The best thing about the McAllen family is that they embrace everything we do at LIFE and aren’t afraid to try something new! They participate in all our events, they demonstrate our core values and they ALWAYS ask questions so they can self-evaluate and continue to grow!

Thank you so much for making our days that much better!


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