Isabel Kendrick

Isabel is an amazing martial arts instructor who puts in 110% effort both on and off the floor. She consistently puts her hand up to take challenges and games and is always looking for jobs to help around the dojo which shows great maturity and drive. Since joining our instructor programme Isabel has come leaps and bounds and definitely shows the potential to become one of the best.  Great Work Isabel!

A Few things about Isabel:

Some of her hobbies include dancing, singing and cooking

She wants to become a teacher one day

She began Martial Arts to gain confidence

Her mum is one of her biggest inspirations

Isabel Kendrick:

What a super star Isabel is! I love having Isabel around the dojo, both as an assistant in class, and as a helper around the reception desk. She is always smiling; her positivity is contagious. I love her attitude towards her training and her willingness to help me out with “boring” tasks, such as making intro packs and cleaning. Isabel is also a fantastic role model and inspiration to everyone around her, especially the young girls in class. I have had parents of other students come to me and tell me how much Isabel has motivated and inspired their daughters to strive for more. I have especially noticed this with my own younger sister, Isabel always goes out of her way to help Kira out with her moves and keeps her entertained while she’s waiting for me to finish work. Isabel is such a valuable part of Team Myaree martial arts classes, and I am very excited to watch her grow and see what she achieves both in the dojo and in Life! She has definitely deserved this recognition. Awesome job Isabel!
– Instructor Jasmin

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