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Lachlan has been a student with us for quite some time now and an instructor for self defense classes in Perth for some of that time as well. Over the last few years Lachlan has gone from assisting in some classes at our old Currambine school, to one of our head instructors at our Myaree school. In our eyes Lachlan is the definition of commitment and discipline as we are sure he has never missed a class. He is an awesome role -model and leader within our school.

Things you may not know:

  • Used to play baseball
  • Was born in Sydney
  • He is 19 years old
  • Loves spicy food

Lachlan C.

I have had the pleasure of working along side Lachlan, almost as soon as I started working for Life (WAIMA back then!) He has always been a very friendly face for me around the dojo, someone who could always make me laugh, no matter the circumstance. For a while now Lachlan has been one of our main martial arts instructors down at Myaree, and he is very well loved by so many of our students. In the short time I have known Lachlan, I have seen him grow so much, as a person, leader and role model.
He doesn’t just inspire our young students, Lachlan is one of my biggest inspirations at the dojo. His dedication and commitment to his training is amazing, sometimes I forget he is only 19 years young!
Thank you, Lachlan, for being you and for all your support around the dojo. Keep it up, I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you in life.
-Instructor Jasmin


Sempai Tom Styan:

Since moving to Life. Sempai Tom has really stepped up both as an instructor and a role model. He is able to adapt his martial arts classes teaching style and help students of all ages towards their training goals. Tom can hold a standard in martial arts grading preparation which means he takes pride in seeing his students succeed at graduation. He enjoys challenging and passing on his experience to students during sparring and wrestling drills, this makes a great highlight to a student’s week and also makes Tom a popular martial arts training partner.  
We are very happy to see that his own training has focused towards his Muay Thai and also developing his Kalah skills so he can be a more versatile instructor. Tom’s positive attitude towards challenges makes him a great asset to the Life team and we can’t wait to see what’s next for his instructing.

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