Goal Setting

What is goal setting– Goal setting is the process of taking active steps to achieve your desired outcome while having either short term or long-term smart goals to set up more ambitious goals for the future.

How to use this in martial arts fitness class With goal setting it’s best to set up smart goals in class to challenge yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. As an instructor, you can also set a goal such as saying to yourself “I am going to praise every single student and engage with parents.”

When grading to brown or black belt martial arts fitness instructors assist students write goals in order to achieve their grading. It is also a good idea to set goals to achieve black tips or your colour tips. By achieving these smaller goals, you will remain motivated and on track to achieve your larger goal.


How to use it in your personal life– when you initially wake up in the morning you already have a goal and that is to get out of bed. A daily routine is also a way of achieving small and easy goals, eg get ready to get to school/work on time.

Having some goals at school will help achieve you achieve good grades in class.If you have a favourite subject, you will probably find it easy to maintain good grades and complete homework assignments, so for your not so favourite subjects, break assignments and studying down into more manageable periods of time. This will help you remain focused and not seem like the studying is such a chore or a bore.

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