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Up at Self Defense Classes Joondalup, behind the glass doors, is LIFE. Fitness!
Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the gym? Unsure about what the Martial Arts Fitness team have been up to? We have been doing A LOT!

Predator Fight Team
Predator Fight Team

The Predator fight team is back!After a short time off due to COVID, the martial arts fitness team has reassembled and training is back in full swing. This year we’ve had strong representation at our interclub sparring days, with many martial arts students choosing to step into the ring for their first experience with competitive […]

How to Defuse Aggression

Avoiding potentially dangerous situations isn’t always possible. All of our students are trained in methods to defuse a potentially dangerous confrontation, rather than taking steps which may help it to cross into physical confrontation. Here’s some of the techniques used…