Bully week:

Unfortunately bullying is a constant issue in society and that’s why we want to help address it and help Life-proof our students. Bully week is a great opportunity for us to challenge our students and help bring awareness to some of the real-life factors when it comes to self defence. It is one thing to know the skills to defend yourself, but it is another to be able to act on those skills in a real-life situation. During students regular martial arts classes, we will be running Bully specific lesson plans all week(Is it 9-13 only??). These classes will not only show new effective self defence skills but also get the chance to pressure test student’s current skill sets in more realistic scenarios.

This is our vision of what a black belt should be able to do:

  1. Have a strong and healthy physical standard
  2. Have the mental resilience to take on life’s challenge
  3. Have the skills and mentality to defend them self

This takes a long time to achieve and some of our lower ranks may not have been exposed to that intensity and pressure during their training so far. Bully week gives every student that opportunity to be tested in a safe and positive environment way before those higher rank gradings. We have found that even simply having instructors wearing a helmet and having students actually make contact can be a challenge to get accustomed to.

We will also be encouraging parent participation and involvement, so you know what we are teaching but also why we are applying pressure in certain drills. This should start a conversation that parents can discuss with their children what responses you feel are necessary in different situations.

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