Black Belt Experience

Last month we hosted out very first Martial Arts Black Belt Experience.
The aim of these events is to bring all our Black belt students together for an exclusive event and experience.

For our first one we had Kyoshi Graham and Kyoshi Justin Boylan from Total Martial Arts centre leading the event.

Kyoshi Justin has over 35 years’ experience within martial arts and is highly experienced in the art of sword and sword cutting.
He explained the fundamentals of sword cutting and then showed the Black belts some skills and drills using Bokkens.

Our senior Black belts then got a chance to use real Katanas to cut through tatami mats to put into practise the skills they were taught over the seminar.

It was a great day with a great turn out of students all training together from all different Martial arts schools.

We will be hosting more of these event s in the future so it’s a great experience to come along and train alongside some of your peers and learn from leaders in the martial arts field.

Thank you to everyone who came along and we look forward to the next session.

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