Absentee Form Admin Notification

MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • All absentee applications must be lodges prior to the effective date and cannot be backdated
  • All your payments must be up to date before lodging this application
  • Absences are eligible for catch up classes
  • Absences that are for a medical reason will be eligible for a reduction in payments to $10 per week instead of full membership fees.

Upon returning to training students will be eligible for catch up classes;

Once a week membership = 1 class per 1 week absent

Basic Membership = 2 classes per 1 week absent

Upon returning to training you will be able to book into your catch-up classes. Catch up classes can be redeemed in in any class provided in your location that you have access to for your experience level or in the specialized Catch Up Session at your branch.

Classes must be booked in advanced and 24 hours must be given for cancellation of these classes.

Catch up classes must be used within 6 months of the return date.

A minimum of 2-week increments is required
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Medical Certificate Provided(Required)

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