Elite Classes

Our Elite program at Life is changing and we are excited to bring to you a new Hyper Self Defence program that Kyoshi Graham and Shihan Phil have been developing for the last 3 years! Together with Roland Osborne from Hyper Martial Arts, they have come together to create a world-class defence program that will […]

Importance of Staying Curious
The Importance of Staying Curious

Everyone gets to be a leader, the opportunities just come to us in diverse ways. Whether we are in a position of authority or seen as a leader in our peer groups, or if it is within our family or ourselves, we all have the choice to lead or follow and if we are going […]

From Kyoshi 2022
From Kyoshi 2022

Welcome to 2022. WOW, what a crazy thoughtthat we are starting a brand-new year.Although we’re another year older, I still get excited at the blank slates that lie ahead, the endless possibilities that can be achieved if you put effort towards your goals and dreams. As much as I look forward to the next year […]

Referral Rewards
Referral Rewards

  Do you love Martial Arts training at Life? What is one thing that makes training event better? Training with Friends and Family! Not only do you have someone to keep you accountable, but you also have someone to share your passion with. Here at life we love to reward our students for sharing their […]

Grading recap
Grading Recap

December 11th was our last Martial Arts Honbu Grading and Graduation for 2021 and we saw a fantastic display of skill and ability from all students. Congratulations to our newest Sempais, Lachlan and Sandy. Most of you will know them with Lachlan being one of our fantastic instructors from Myaree and Sandy dealing with all […]