Hall of Fame Demo

Rewind to 2012 and you have a demonstration at the Martial Arts hall of fame by Kyoshi Graham and Sensei Andrew.This demo was part of a one day hall of fame event that was filled with all different types of martial artists. All the demos were conducted in front of a panel of judges and […]

Consistency Over Intensity
Consistency Over Intensity

We talk about setting goals or new year’s resolutions a lot at the end of the year, anda lot of the New Year’s resolutions that were set will have already been forgotten or given up on. The initial boost of energy and motivation slowly petersand the reality of making life changes hits us. So, what […]

Elite Classes

Our Elite program at Life is changing and we are excited to bring to you a new Hyper Self Defence program that Kyoshi Graham and Shihan Phil have been developing for the last 3 years! Together with Roland Osborne from Hyper Martial Arts, they have come together to create a world-class defence program that will […]